Men's Hair Styling Cream

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Men's Hair Styling Cream Style. Some have it. Some don’t. With Modere™ Men’s Hair Styling Cream, be the one with style. An array of good stuff like crambe seed oil to keeps your hair well-conditioned, while glycerin adds hair shine and keeps moisture in longer. Style points +1 for you.

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Product Description

A soft texture with moderate hold—for use throughout the day. Rain, wind, snow, zombie apocalypse. Bring it on.
Strong and natural conditioning Crambe Seed Oil to provide luster to your locks. Workin’ a nine to five? No problem.
Features a naturally derived wax and oil for extra good-looking hair, because your hair deserves to look good, too.
Utilizes the power of the coconut to add thickness and hair support. We have your back, man. Or rather, hair.
A nice earthy note of amber and sandalwood.

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